Workshop For B.Tech Students@GCRG

DATE & VENUE:            10th October, 2013, at Multipurpose Hall

NAME OF SPEAKER:    Mr. Nirdosh Singh & Mr. A.K. Singh(Sofcon India Pvt. Ltd.)

PARTICIPANTS:             B.Tech. IIIrd & IVth  Year. Branch: EE/EC/CS

DURATION:                    2:30 hrs.


A Detailed Workshop on ‘Application Development on Embedded Technology & Robotics & on PLC, SCADA, DCS’ was conducted by ‘Sofcon India Pvt. Ltd.’ at GCRG Lucknow Campus. The workshop was coordinated by Training and Placement department. Students   learnt about the various applications and usage of robotics and embedded programming.
They have also been told about the importance of processor units and the use of bar codes, microcontrollers and types of sensors, etc. Mr. Nirdosh lastly presented the sensor based model and showed them the demonstration of a Robot.

The students enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot about Embedded Systems and Robotics. Students also clarified their doubts and queries related to it and gave their feedback to the speakers.