Other Amenities

1.Gym and Fitness Center

The fitness centers of our hostels render hi-tech gymnasiums with the latest equipments. There are three zones for cardio, stretching and weight training. We have tread mills, cross trainers, bikes, abs- crunchers and all weight training equipments.

2.Technology @ CAMPUS

  • 24*7 Internet Access
  • Fully Wired and Wireless Networked Campus.
  • Hi-end voice communication server for inter and intra phone facility.
  • CCTV surveillance system for monitoring and event recording.
  • Fire detection, alarm and fighting system capable of handling any fire hazard.
  • State-of-the-art audio and video conferencing facility for communiqué.

medica-facilities3.Medical Facilities

There is a need based equipped room for emergency purposes. Moreover, arrangement has been made for regular visits and health checkups of the students, by both male and female medical officers.

4.Seminar & Conference Room

The Institute has 2 seminar rooms and common rooms for all the students. The Institute’s conference hall, with a seating capacity of 110, is fully air conditioned and equipped with modern amenities. Our conference hall is perfect for management development programs, workshops, conferences and pre-placement talks. The G.C.R.G. conference hall is equipped with all the latest audio-visual graphics like LCD, projector, computers and DVD systems with internet access.