Open Seminar on ‘Personality Development’@GCRG

An Open seminar on ‘Personality Development’ was conducted

on 8,October,2013 at GCRG Lucknow Campus by a Training consultant Mr. Anshuman Tiwari.

The Students present in the seminar were from MBA, BBA and Civil Final Year Branch. Mr. Tiwari told students how to develop skills according to the corporate requirements. He even organized a short act played itself by the students just for the other students in order to observe the personality of an act player and comprehended its importance. He also told during this session that how much general awareness is important for one-self.

Students learnt about the various qualities to be developed for interview like self-identification, body language, confidence and the utmost ‘Practice’. Mr. Anshuman Tiwari lastly focused on market research, that how it develops the knowledge and increases the self-confidence in answering the interviewer and apart from that emphasized on Public speaking and Presentation which are equally important as well.

The students enjoyed the seminar and learnt a lot about building the key point on personality. Lastly, Students gave their feedback to Mr. Tiwari about their strength and weaknesses in order to bring improvements in them.