GCRG Hostel Rules and Regulations for Students

  1. Student seeking to avail hostel facility has to note that hostel accommodation will only be allotted to studious students who believe leading a spartan life and remain disciplined. Every student before room allotment in hostel shall give an undertaking with respect to the acceptance of rules and regulations, along with duly filled General Information form and Immunization Record.
  2. Rooms are allotted on the basis of the criteria & procedure laid down by the authorities and the Sole Discretion of warden from time to time. No change in room will be permitted during the session without the permission of HOD & Director.
  3. Hostellers must always keep their Hostel Identity Card in their possession.
  4. Students are advised to be properly dressed during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  5. Hostel Fee once paid will not be refunded expect for the security amount. No hostel fee will be refunded in case of expulsion of any students from the hostel involved in any kind of indiscipline activities.
  6. Hostel Rooms are furnished with Bed, Mattress, Ceiling Fan, Study Table & Chair, Tube light set (complete) and a Ward robe. Students are required to check all these items while taking charge of the room. Once a room is handed over, no item will be replaced then after.
  7. Boarder should not keep expensive article in their room. Authorities will not be responsible for any loss or theft of such items. Boarders will be held fully responsible for any loss or damage to the electric fitting, furniture of any other property in their room and hostel premises.
  8. It is the responsibility of the inmates to do their best for maintaining discipline, peace and harmony in the hostel. The senior students are advised to set good examples to their juniors. Creating noisy or unruly scenes in Hostel or destroying academic ambience in any manner will also mean instant vacation of hostel accommodation.
  9. Any activity of the inmates observed to be prejudicial and detrimental to the smooth and peaceful functioning of the college hostel will be viewed seriously by the management and disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty.
  10. Misuse of electricity, water and other facilities will be liable for penalty. Students are advised to switch off all electrical gadgets before leaving their rooms and create an example of good hustler. Use of Room Heater, Water heater, Immersion Rod, Electric iron, Room coolers of any other electric application in room is STRICLYBANNED.
  11. No students shall enter the kitchen or give instructions to the cooks or other servants. Complaints regarding food, service etc if any, may be brought to the notice of the Warden.
  12. Smoking, chewing tobacco, consuming alcoholic drinks or any other intoxicating drugs etc. are strictly prohibited. Any inmates, if found indulging in such practices, shall be asked to vacate the hostel without any notice & a fine of 10,000/- will be imposed.
  13. Students, while going out, shall enter the time of leaving, purpose and proposed time of return in the register. While returning they shall also enter the time of return in the same register.
  14. Day scholars or any outsiders cannot be called to hostel rooms. Any holster found accompanying a day scholar in hostel or facilitating a day scholar’s stay will immediately asked to vacate the hostel. No boarder shall permit any other person to live in his/ her room.
  15. Inmates shall not entertain any beggars, vendors or any other persons inside the hostel premises.
  16. Coming late in the night after Institute Main Gate is closed is NOT AT ALL acceptable and amounts to violation of hostel rules. Over stayal without prior sanction of warden will not be permitted. Defaulters will be dealt with strictly and asked to vacate the hostel and a fine of Rs.5000/- will be imposed.
  17. During college hours no student allowed to remain in the hostel without the permission of Hostel Warden & HOD. If anyone found, a fine of Rs.1000/- will be imposed.
  18. No Backup electricity will be provided in the hostel when classes are running.