Diploma in Physiotherapy


The Diploma in Physiotherapy course broadly deals in competent health science. It makes professionals who possess the knowledge as well as ability to manage and prevent problems affecting the physical functioning of a human body. The objective of the course is to make Physiotherapists who can maximize the performance of human movement.

Physiotherapists focus on enabling patients to achieve optimal independence in movement and function. Physiotherapy experts also implement evidence-based techniques to manage disorders of a human body regardless of age.

Career Opportunities

A physiotherapy expert can work independently in following areas:

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Sports clinics
  • Specialist centers for management of cancer and heart conditions
  • Psychiatric centers
  • Community healthcare centers
  • Homes for the elderly sick
  • Wellness clinics

A diploma holder in Physiotherapy cures patients belonging to different groups ranging from elite sportspersons to frail elderly. A physiotherapist works in different environments that may vary from private clinics to hydrotherapy pools. These diploma holders can also find employment in educational institutions, health/ wellness sectors and research facilities.

General Information

The institute has declared all its buildings and hostel as no-smoking zones. Any student or staff indulging in smoking within these zones shall be fined Rs.500.00 for each offence.

A minimum attendance of 90% in each subject is required to sit for the semester examination. No casual wears are allowed in campus during the college hours. The institute provides a pleasant and healthy environment for all its students. The institute does not discriminate among its students based on gender, caste or color.

Ragging Free Environment
As per Honorable Supreme Court order, ragging is totally prohibited in education institutes.

The institute has adopted a very tough policy to stop ragging on its campus as well as hostel. Any student caught or found to be engaged in ragging shall be severely punished and will be expelled from institute.