The Diploma in Optometry is a health care course, where students learn to deals with the examination, diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases and disorders of the visual system. One can also define it as the science of eye equipment (including lenses and spectacles), which is imbued with the idea of improving the vision of the human eye and removing all kinds of obstacles. Vision being one of the common problems of all ages, it is essential to ensure advancement in scientific technology and preventive measures for which Optometry is the solution.

Career Opportunities

  • Start private eye clinic, optical shop, lens manufacturing unit etc.
  • Work for eye testing, contact lenses, squint exercises etc.
  • Work with optician shops, eye doctors and contact lens and ophthalmic lens industry, hospital eye

departments etc.

  • Get jobs with optician shops and hospitals in India and abroad
  • Take up teaching optometry as a career with the schools of optometry

General Information

The institute has declared all its buildings and hostel as no-smoking zones. Any student or staff indulging in smoking within these zones shall be fined Rs.500.00 for each offence.

A minimum attendance of 90% in each subject is required to sit for the semester examination. No casual wears are allowed in campus during the college hours. The institute provides a pleasant and healthy environment for all its students. The institute does not discriminate among its students based on gender, caste or color.

Ragging Free Environment
As per Honorable Supreme Court order, ragging is totally prohibited in education institutes.

The institute has adopted a very tough policy to stop ragging on its campus as well as hostel. Any student caught or found to be engaged in ragging shall be severely punished and will be expelled from institute.