Corporate Campus Partenership

GCRG Group of Institutions ties-up with Drona Edutronics With this agreement, selected students of GCRG group Lucknow will design software and applications for the company and will be paid a fixed salary while still pursuing their educationGCRG Group signs a MoU with Drona .

Edutronics wherein the company will share a portion of the revenue generated by the software developed by the students.

Lucknow, 29th June 2012: GCRG Grou of Institutions, Lucknow entered into and agreement with Drona Edutronics Pvt. Ltd., a Chandigarh based IT Company that develops low cost tablets and its applications. With this agreement, the selected students of GCRG from 2nd year onwards will design software and applications for the company and will be paid a fixed salary by the company. Besides this, they will also earn a share of company’s net profit.
GCRG Group has signed a MoU with Drona Edutronics, wherein the college will get a portion of revenue generated by the software developed by the students for the IT Company. This is a pioneer project where a big IT company, for the first time in North-India, has entered into such arrangement which will largely benefit the students.

Speaking about the tie-up Mr. Abhishek Yadav, Chairman, GCRG Group said, “I’m glad that Drona Edutronics has taken such an initiative that will not only introduce students to cutting-edge technologies but also help them beef up their skills. Students in cities like Lucknow are extremely talented but often struggle in getting jobs as most of the technology companies are concentrated only in the metros. This has led to a mass migration of talented students out of the region. These kinds of programmes will prepare them to match industry needs and help them get absorbed into the market much faster. This the first of many such agreements we plan to enter into during this academic year relating to all disciplines of Engineering and Management”

There is an ongoing trend where small and mid-sized IT and manufacturing firms are associating with engineering colleges across tier II towns to get job-ready talent at a very low cost. GCRG group along with global management consultation firm IIMA Consultants for the first time in India has set a corporate campus business park where, college is in the process of hosting close to 20 companies in the field of IT, electronics and manufacturing to set up offices in the campus itself. This business park will have more than 50% employees as students of the campus. Mr. Vishal Sood an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad said” this corporate campus business park will be an opportunity for students to rub shoulders with experienced professionals and come out as truly industry ready professionals.” On the other hand, the students of these colleges get exposure to real-time projects and earn a salary while they are still on campus. In many cases, the companies hire these students after their course ends.

Speaking at the press conference, Mr. A R Bhatnagar, Director, Drona Edutronics Pvt Ltd said, “Drona is committed to technology as a driver for products and education & training. We value creativity and train young people to stay creative. As one of our initiatives we are setting up Centers of Excellence in select institutions to expose young technologists to our technologies used in industry. The CoE becomes a win all with student earning while he learns and the company has the satisfaction of creating a valuable talent pool which it could draw from in the future. We look forward to these centers as a thrust area for creating future Steve Jobs in India.”

About GCRG Group of Institutions

GCRG Group is a leading Engineering and Management institute in the Lucknow region. The Chairman of GCRG Group, Mr.Abhishek Yadav is an Industrial Engineer from the prestigious Purdue University (U.S.A), ranked No.2 in the World for Industrial Engineering.
As a result the institute puts extra focus on practical training and experience rather than pure bookish knowledge as is the trend in India. The Institute plans to enter into multiple agreements with many corporates to create an eco-system where once a student enters into the campus, he/she goes through a combination of excellent academics, work experience and exposure to cutting edge technology before graduation. The college is committed towards developing technical and management savvy human resources for meeting the requirements of diverse sectors of the economy, both Indian and global.

About Drona Edutronics Pvt Ltd

Drona Edutronics Pvt Ltd, a technology company with excellence formed by IITians with more than 50 years cumulative experience. The company is a leading developer of innovative and reliable tablets for institutions with in house apps development, electronic product design, testing and manufacturing tieups. The company provides skill for electronics, manufacturing, design sector and for ITES projects. It offers solution to institutions for innovative teaching/learning, industry engagement, lab design and setup. It also provides corporate training for manufacturing and technology