The Biotechnology sector has grown rapidly in recent years and there are increasing career opportunities worldwide for experienced graduates who have been trained in advanced molecular bio science, systems biology, etc. together for exposure of entrepreneurship and innovation.

We create a unique multidisciplinary research environment within G.C.R.G. to educate students so that they can master the complexities of physical, chemical and biological systems at all cases, in which collaborations with industrial organizations flourish.

We also conduct 2,4 & 6 months training & project program.

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Counseling based Admission

Admission shall be strictly on the merit of JEE-Mains 2023 for B.Tech. Filling up of admission form does not guarantee the admission. Any false information shall be liable for the cancellation of admission at any stage.

Direct Admission

Applicant NRI / Management Quota

For B.Tech, Direct admissions will take place as per the norms of AKTU (Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University) Lucknow. For information related to Direct Admissions, please contact the Admission Cell at G.C.R.G. or write at [email protected]

Fee for Direct Admissions will be as per norms of AKTU (Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University) Lucknow.


First year Syllabus 

Second year Syllabus 

Third year Syllabus 

Career Opportunities

When most people think of opportunities for careers in biotechnology, they think of a scientist in a white coat in a laboratory developing drugs to improve the quality of life. However, biotechnology has a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from sales and marketing, to research and development, to manufacturing and quality control and assurance.

Biotechnology assimilates in itself a number of disciplines. Further, there is a great demand for biotechnical experts in countless industries and sectors. Career opportunities for students in biotechnology abound.

We have graduates working for example at BPL Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Sughandako, and many more.


The Department is equipped with facilities like:

  • Microbiology Lab
  • Biochemistry Lab
  • Immunology Lab
  • Fermentation Biotechnology Lab
  • Molecular Biology Lab
  • Bioinformatic Lab
  • Plant tissue Culture Lab

General information

The institute has declared all its buildings and hostel as no-smoking zones. Any student or staff indulging in smoking within these zones shall be fined Rs.500.00 for each offence.

A minimum attendance of 90% in each subject is required to sit for the semester examination. No casual wears are allowed in campus during the college hours. The institute provides a pleasant and healthy environment for all its students. The institute does not discriminate among its students based on gender, caste or color.

Ragging Free Environment
As per Honorable Supreme Court order, ragging is totally prohibited in education institutes.

The institute has adopted a very tough policy to stop ragging on its campus as well as hostel. Any student caught or found to be engaged in ragging shall be severely punished and will be expelled from institute.