The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) aims to prepare students for careers in business and management areas. It develops a systematic, broad, analytical, and integrated understanding of, and capability in, key aspects of business. The program specifically focuses on business management and administration as well as the changing external environment in which organizations operate.
The program aims to prepare students for careers in business, consultancy, or general management within corporations by equipping them with practical skills that enhance their employment ability in the corporate world, with broader cognitive, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills which provide the foundation for lifelong learning.

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Counseling based Admission
Filling up of admission form does not guarantee admission. Any false information shall be liable for the cancellation of admission at any stage.

Direct Admission

Applicant NRI / Management Quota

Direct admissions will take place as per the norms of Lucknow University.
For more information related to Direct Admissions, please contact our admission cell at G.C.R.G. or write at [email protected]

Fee for Direct Admissions will be as per the norms of Lucknow University. For more information, click here (web form linked to [email protected])

Career Opportunities

Over the last few years, graduates from our Best BBA College in Lucknow, have used this degree to go into jobs in various fields of Marketing, HR & Finance. Through this program, you can get to entry-level positions in many corporations and factories. This would include a lot of backend work, and providing support services to your seniors.

Our graduates have recently secured positions with organizations like Dreamers Street Services Pvt. Ltd., Globus Store, Royal Enfield, Technosys, Videocon, and many more.

General Information

The institute has declared all its buildings and hostel as no-smoking zones. Any student or staff indulging in smoking within these zones shall be fined Rs.500.00 for each offense.

A minimum attendance of 90% in each subject is required to sit for the semester examination. No casual wears are allowed on campus during college hours. The institute provides a pleasant and healthy environment for all its students. The institute does not discriminate among its students based on gender, caste or color.

Ragging Free Environment
As per the Honorable Supreme Court order, ragging is totally prohibited in education institutes.

The institute has adopted a very tough policy to stop ragging on its campus as well as a hostel. Any student caught or found to be engaged in ragging shall be severely punished and will be expelled from the institute.